Bouvia- Typography- Post 1

While looking for some soup in my house, I came across this can. I thought it was interesting because I know that the Chunky soups from Campbell’s soup line are primarily targeted at men. The idea is that the Chunky soups are more filling than Campbell’s ordinary soups, so men with big appetites can eat this soup and feel full.

I notice that they chose to use a slab-seriff typeface. Also, the stroke weight of the typeface is even throughout each of the letters. The letters are all capitalized, and they literally look chunky. The slab-seriff font and the thick stroke weight of the letters gives the appearance of a strong, sturdy word. It is a very masculine look. If you notice, the word ‘Campbell’s’ is written in script. If they had chosen to use a script font for the word ‘Chunky,’ it would look more feminine, it would look lighter, and it wouldn’t accurately¬†portray the thick, full soup that the company is trying to sell. Also note, every description on the front of the can uses this slab-serif typeface.

I think this is a great utilization of typeface. It speaks to the targeted audience -men-, and it accurately portrays the image they are trying to sell.

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  1. Posted by kcmullig on February 20, 2011 at 10:07 PM

    I think this is a very good example of good typography. The letters are very much like chunks with their bold block lettering and the slab serif also adds to the chunky look. I agree that the style perfectly emphasizes the message Campbell’s is trying to send: this soup is hearty and full and perfect for big strong men.


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