Sadkowski – Typography – Post 1


As I was flipping through my hearty copy of the newest Vogue, I came across many high-fashion brands, and took notice of their use of typography.  I found Fendi’s to be very interesting.  I found it interesting because it is so simple.  Fendi is known to be an Italian luxury brand; one that truly emphasizes the elite lifestyle.

The word “Fendi” is written in bold, capital letters.  It uses a sans-serif typeface. The tracking is noticeable, which really brings emphasis to each letter in the word.  There is no use of color, other than the black writing and the white background.  I think the color choice is perfect because it shows that Fendi focuses more on the strength of its brand rather than ornamental value.  I think it’s a reflective representation of the brand; Fendi doesn’t need a girly or flashy typeface because that isn’t the what the brand stands for.  When I see this typeface, or a piece from the Fendi collection, I immediately associate it with power.

The typeface is extremely representative of the strong and powerful brand.



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  1. Posted by Stephanie on January 31, 2011 at 10:24 AM

    I definitely agree with you; It is a case of less is more. It draws great attention to the brand itself. I also think the particular sans-serif font that they use works well because it does command power, the typeface looks very strong. I would remember this brand.


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