Cohen – Typography – Post 1

BOD man


The first thing that I noticed about the design of this male body spray was the contrast in colors used on the bottle. The scent is called “Fresh Blue Musk”, so it only makes sense for the liquid to be blue. All of the information about the amount of spray and the product description are in white. Right away this sticks out from the bottle because it is so much lighter than the contents.

But interestingly, this bright white writing is actually overshadowed by the logo of the product itself. If white wasn’t enough to catch the eye, BOD made its label a shiny silver with orange outline. It’s a very drastic color choice that the viewer/buyer cannot miss.

Another thing that caught my eye with this design is the typeface used to spell out the letters B-O-D. The “D” is clearly a serif because of the small overhanging lines at the top and bottom. Yet the “B” is not a serif.

Aside from the two serifs on the letter “D”, this design is very geometric, which learned to be reflective of san serif typefaces. The line connecting each of the three letters really draws your eye across the brand name. It is almost as if the line was created to connect the letters just like a human body is connected.

It is interesting to note that the brand name is not completely vertical, either. It is tilted slightly to the right, as if to show that this product is not rigid. Perhaps it was done this way to hit the target audience, which happens to be youthful, active teenagers or young adults.

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