Cristine Jacquez Post #1

I realized that I look at typography everyday when I see my phone! Blackberry has an interestingly simple type-face, but an extremely weird logo. The type-face is simple, and not too bold or too big. It is definitely a Sans-Serif font in an italized setting. The letters look a little more rounded though. I think the font is telling of the type of company BlackBerry is. They usually make sleek stylish phones that are still very functional and user friendly for their mostly business audience. I feel like the font explains that the company is not trying to attract younger audiences because of the straight forward font. Fancier fonts or more animated fonts are usually used to promote phones for teens or young adults. The logo is a little odd, but I think its supposed to replicate the body of a blackberry fruit. The slight tilt of the word Blackberry looks as though it is in motion, which links up to the RIM part of BlackBerry’s company – research in motion. Overall the graphic and the words go well together to make a clean, yet interesting logo that is easily recognizable.


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