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On the cover of Taylor Swift’s debut album, a script type is used for her name. Given that Swift’s music is targeted to a mostly female demographic this comes as no surprise. The script font is much more feminine than a basic serif or san serif. Also, as opposed to using something very bold, the script font is thin–giving it an even softer, more feminine feel.

The script typeface is utilized well on this cover because it mimics handwriting. As if Taylor were writing her own name, only the ‘T’ and ‘S’ (the first letters of each word) are capitalized–as they should be when using a script typeface. I also think the handwriting element to this typeface is an important aspect of the album cover. In line with Swift’s music and image, it seems very personal. Many girls relate to her music because it’s so personal and almost like a diary. So, placing a typeface on the cover of the album that looks like it was written by Taylor herself only reinforces this image.

Taylor has many young, female fans and the typeface almost looks like it was doodled by Taylor herself, similar to the way many young girls write on the cover of their notebooks in school. This kind of script typeface definitely correlates with the content of her music and image and it’s no surprise that it was used to display her name on the cover of her debut album.


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  1. I definitely agree with you about this typeface, it is the perfect fit for the CD. It appeals to the feminine demographic, but also can appeal to kids as well because it isn’t your basic script typeface. It has more of a fun “doodle” connotation to it like you said. I also like how they used the script to make it look as if Taylor had actually signed the CD cover itself because many kids may believe that that is actually what her signature looks like.

    I also think this typeface fits Taylor’s characteristics. She is a tall, thin, pretty girl which is demonstrated well through the typeface.


  2. Posted by gsyellin on February 2, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    I think that you are definitely spot on in your analysis of this type face. Taylor Swift is a female artist whose music appeals to a primarily female audience, making the use of this script typeface more than appropriate. A bigger, bolder type face would convey a starkly different message than does the thin script one. The words ‘Taylor Swift’ in script across the album cover almost take on the personality of Taylor herself which I’m sure was the exact intention of the designer of her album cover.


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