Yellin – Typography – Post 1

The first thing I saw after reading the assignment for the first blog post was my friend’s giant tub of Muscle Milk powder. At first I didn’t think much of it, but as Tim said, “Typography is all around us”, and the container of Muscle Milk is no exception.

Upon first glance, the type on the Muscle Milk label doesn’t seem very special and appears to be the most basic type possible. Despite that, however, the type says a lot about the kind of people who take Muscle Milk and the message the designers of this label were trying to send.

The first thing you notice when you look at the label is the huge ‘Muscle Milk’ in big, bold, white, sans-serif lettering. This conveys a message of strength, the letters are large and pushed together as if to take on the persona of a body builder. Everything written on the front of the label is in large, all upper-case, bold, sans-serif lettering and each has a high contrast in color to its background. This gives the overall impression that it is a ‘manly’ product, which in fact, it is.

This is a perfect example of typography and its use in appealing to different audiences. Because Muscle Milk knows that its target audience is mostly comprised of men aged 19-35 who lift weights often and care about the size of their muscles, they chose to use a large, bold, sans-serif font. A fancy script font would simply not convey the same message.

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  1. Posted by leigho14 on February 2, 2011 at 7:35 PM

    I completely agree with this post regarding the message Muscle Milk is trying to convey to its audience. Muscle Milk is mostly geared towards men who go to the gym often and take pride in the size of their muscular physique. The typography of the Muscle Milk logo is very bold and sturdy with the uppercase letters to reinforce the fact that people mean business and will get results by using their product. The black background with the white font helps it stand out more so it seems to pop off the shelves in stores. The letters are very close together which probably is to convey the idea that the muscles people will gain from this product will be tight and defined. Overall, Muscle Milk does a great way in portraying the exact message they want to their target audience through the typography of the logo.


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