Chou – Typography – Post 1

The brand that I found is Tiffany. This brand has always been a fantasy all the women. When I think about Tiffany, the two adjectives came to my mind were sophisticated and elegant. So I looked it up, and the brand’s typography shows exactly the same two adjectives that I had in mind. Honestly, I was surprised by how much a typeface can affect consumer’s perception about the brand. It is exactly what I learned from the lecture.

The typefacethat Tiffany & Co. uses is Serif-modern. The letters are all capitalized to emphasize its importance to woman.  Tiffany sells many jewelry including couple rings, engagement rings, wedding rings etc. All these jewelries represents an a meaning in a relationship such as trust, faith loyalty etc; therefore, by using uppercase for all the letters itshow that the brand do take their customer seriously.  To make the typography look more unique, the company made the T and the C a little bigger and taller then the rest of the letters to separate the two words. The whole typography looks very well balanced, and simple. Simplicity does enhance the brand with the characteristic of gracefulness.

Overall, the typeface that Tiffany & Co. uses reflects its brand characteristic very well.  When costumers see the brand, they can already get a sense for the brand at the first glance.


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  1. Posted by idong814 on February 2, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    I loved your point about Tiffany&Co.’s brand image. Yes, they are girl’s dream and it is very elegant and sophisticated dream.
    It might because of the color of the box in the picture. But the typography does help maintaining their brand image. Strict lines but not so hard, capital letters but doesn’t feel like loud voice and balanced T&C depict how much of their brand worth to customers.
    In addition, the letters are so graceful that customer can’t just be rich but need to be cultivated to be their customer.


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