Bouvia-Typography-Post 2

The top image is the current logo of “Seventeen” magazine. As I was flipping through a copy of one, I wondered to myself if they had ever used a sans serif typeface for their logo. So I went to Google, and it turns out, they have.

The bottom image is a sans serif logo for the same magazine.  Currently, the magazine does not use this logo, but they have tried it out.

Personally, I can understand why they use the serif typeface. It looks more mature. The uneven stroke weight gives it an extra feminine feel. I think that the skinny serifs also add to the femininity, yet it doesn’t look childish.

The sans serif font looks too childish, too immature. And while 17 is a young age, the magazine wouldn’t want to market itself to consumers and make them feel like children. When you’re 17 you want to be treated like a mature adult (even if you aren’t one!) and seventeen magazine knows this.

I think they should definitely stick with the serif typeface. It’s more professional, more grown-up looking. It won’t make its consumers feel like little girls.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I definitely think the serif typeface looks more mature and feminine. The sans-serif font is too bold and “boxy” and doesn’t really reflect the content of the magazine.

    Also, the serif font definitely looks more like an actual logo rather than just text. This may be because it’s italicized. While I don’t think italics work in every case, here it gives the typeface an even more feminine feel and makes the traditional, classic serif font appear more youthful. It’s the perfect balance of youth and maturity that most 17-year-old’s are looking for.


  2. I definitely agree with you that the serif typeface is a better choice for their magazine. As many people have said throughout their blogs the sans serif typefaces have a very childish feel to them. As people (girls in particular) hit the age of sixteen they want to be treated as adults. I know because I went through it myself. You feel more mature and want people to think of you that way as well. This is the main age group that Seventeen is targeting. Therefore, since the serif is a more mature looking typeface it is a better fit for their magazine title.

    Additionally, I think the various stroke weights give the title more character as a whole. When all the stroke weights are the same the word looks very boring. Also as Matt said in his comment the way they italicized the word gives the word a more feminine feel, which I hope they are aiming for. I am not sure how many guys would buy this magazine.


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