Cammett-Typography Post 2

As I was searching on facebook the word America came up in an add on the side of my screen in a script form, which I didn’t think was good use of typeface for the word when speaking about a country, so when I saw this assignment it made me think to look up the word in serif and sans serif.

The second image is written in san serif typeface starting with an Captial “A” and then finishing with lowercase letters. Looking at the word without the patriotic background I did not get the same strong feeling as I did when I saw the word in serif typeface. The curved edges do not give off the same serious vibe as the sharp edges in the serif typeface of the first example. Additionally in the first example, the various thin and thick stroke weights mixed with the capital letters give off a more serious vibe than the loopy bold letters with the same stroke weight in the san serif typeface. The san serif typeface makes me think of a fun kid word, rather than a strong country name like the serif typeface.

I definitely think the serif version of the word “America” best fits the definition of our country.


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  1. Posted by cchou03 on February 9, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    I tried not to read your blog before judging which typefaces i like the most, and it turned out i’m on the same boat with you. I defiantly agree with your idea of using a serif gives out a more serious vibe to the viewer. The different weights on strokes does represent the country’s characteristic, modern yet dignified, whereas in the san serif font, the word american just looks boring to me, it does not show any characteristic.

    However, i also think the use typefaces is determine by the purpose of event. If today the image on the right is used for a summer camp for children called America Summer Camp, then i would agree with using a san serif. This way the typeface become less serious, and adds more friendliness to the viewer.


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