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As I was flipping through magazines,I found that a lot of luxury brands use san serif font as their brand name such as Chanel as you see in the picture, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi etc. This makes me interested in figuring out why these well-known luxurious brands use San Serif as the typeface for their brand name.I use Chanel as an example; the design on the left image is their official typeface for the logo.

Frankly before putting these two typefaces together, I didn’t have any feelings about this logo design. However, after comparing a serif and a san serif typeface, immediatelyI can tell which typeface gives me a more elegant feel.

Personally, I like the brand name in san serif font, because it looks simple and clear. With the san serif font, every word is in a plain, geometric fashion and the space in between the letters are evenly spaced. It gives me a sense of perfection and sophisticated. Looking at the brand’s product and image, the typefaces does represent the brand’s characteristic very well.

On the other hand, looking at the image on the right, a serif typeface doesn’t work so well with Chanel’s brand name design. Since it is in a serif typeface, each letter has strong contrast in stroke weights that makes it look harder to read. It also makes the brand looks a little old fashion. A luxurious brand like Chanel would want to give its consumer a fashionable sense instead of old-fashioned; therefore, a san serif typeface works better for the brand.

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