Due  to consistency, brands usually don’t change their typefaces. This made me hard to find different typefaces from same brand.

In general, serif and sans-serif give viewers a completely different impression. Whereas serif makes the subject more serious, formal, and sophisticated, sans-serif makes the subject more casual and friendly. Personally, I prefer sans-serif because it looks more natural and neat. 

On the above, Benetton used serif and sans-serif to emphasize its purpose of the campaign. Both two pictures have two girls in it. However, two girls on the right have a different cultural background from the left side girls. They are offspring of Native Maericans who still maintains their culture and live almost similar to how they lived in the past. Benetton had to be more serious on to this social issue. By using serif on their brand name and the message, Benetton wanted to differentiate this copy from other friendly commercial they usually make. Serif someimes makes letters look messy, not necessarily in a bad way. And this charateristic adds on to the image of two girls. Dirt on two girls’ faces represents their tranditional lifestyle and serif makes that image stands out to the viewers. So they can put more strength on message not only on brand name. On the other hand, sans-serif adds more pure and clean image to the right side. Two girls on the right are wearing clean, white clothes and making signature green color of Benetton stand out more. As a result, on the right side picture, Benetton puts more emphasis on their brand image, not on the message.

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