Gushlaw – Typography – Post 2

I am a huge football fan, and although the Eagles were unfortunately not in the Superbowl I knew there were many different logos and ways that the word Eagles has been written. As a NFL team, the Eagles want to show their tough side, to show that they aren’t easy to beat. The typefaces I came across all were slab letters. I think that for a football team, thick letters are a great way to show stability and in a way they are more manly.

In the first image, “Eagles” is written in all capitals and is sans-serif. It is a very simple design and looks sleek and modern. The color gradually changes from light silver to a darker silver. In this design, my eye went to the logo of the eagle before the name “Eagles” because the logo is very well-recognized and because the eagle looks mad, the less intense sans-serif letters balance it out. This design has a lot of kerning between the letters and they are separated quite a bit.

In the second logo, Eagles is written in a very different typeface. First, it is a serif typeface and the outside of each serif is pointed like an eagles claws or beak. It also resembles the jagged edges of the bald eagles neck feathers in the first logo. I think that this typeface shows strength and intimidation. It is very confident with the slab serif letters and the way the word is arched and the kerning is so close shows to me that the team is unified and close.

I think that the slab serif Eagles works better for the football team than the sans-serif one. It is less girly and fits a football team much better than the first design.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Stephanie on February 7, 2011 at 8:22 PM

    I definitely agree with you in that the slab serif typeface sends the kind of message a football team would want to send. It looks much stronger, much bolder.


  2. Posted by gsyellin on February 8, 2011 at 6:47 PM

    I agree with your assertion that the bottom Eagles logo is better than the top one. The word ‘Eagles’ is definitely more intimidating in the bottom picture, something that a football team’s logo should aspire to do. I also think though that this is a product of the switch between a mundane typeface and intimidating eagle on the top and a mundane helmet and intimidating typeface on the bottom.


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