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With the weather being so gloomy, cold, and depressing, I thought I would cheer myself up by looking up some potential bathing suits for my upcoming spring break trip to Cancun. As I was scrolling through pages and links of different suits, I noticed the typography of the Victoria’s Secret logo. I looked up on Google to then see if there had been a sans serif font logo as well and there was when they were promoting their annual Fashion Show.

Victoria’s Secret is a brand that makes it’s big business off of promoting their line of under garments and other various clothing items on gorgeous models from all across the world. The first logo is a serif font which suits the purpose and image of Victoria’s Secret that everyone has come to known. The serifs in the font give off a more feminine appeal due to its line of products (women’s under garments, lingerie, bathing suits, perfume, etc.). The capital letters give off a more business approach in representing the idea of Victoria’s Secret being a huge international company and therefore a household  name. The pink background behind the black lettering emphasizes again the feminine aspect of the brand. The second image is a sans serif font and is more fun and informal. The typography is bold and capitalized to stick out so people will watch the fashion show. The pink and glamorized lettering are perfect in expressing the fashion show with all the lights that will be flashing and the beautiful women on the runway sporting the latest Victoria’s Secret trends.

Both logos are perfect in expressing their different messages but still completing the image of the brand. But, if I had to pick the better logo, I would go with the first one. The typography in the first image of Victoria’s Secret is classic. The letters are bold but remain thin and elegant which goes along with their line of products. Victoria’s Secret is a company that sells sex because let’s face it, everyone in the business nowadays knows that sex sells. But Victoria’s Secret does it in a fashionable, clean, and classy way. The first logo represents what Victoria’s Secret is all about – remaining respectable when selling minimal clothing.


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  1. Posted by meganmill on February 9, 2011 at 1:29 AM

    I agree that the serif typeface works well for Victoria’s Secret. Because of the store’s products and feminine market, the thick sans serif typeface is not as relevant. Although it may work for a fashion show, women want to be thought of as classy, elegant, and sophisticated when purchasing high quality undergarments. The thin serif font is appropriate because it displays the physical characteristics most women cherish (whether reasonably or not): thin strokes and beautiful details.


  2. Posted by idong814 on February 9, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    I kooked up some clothes in victoria’s secret last night, too, for spring break. And I ended up buying stuff. Anyways, back to the point. I didn’t realize they were using different typefaces for fashion show and for their logo. I just thought they made the fashion show letters thicker and change to pink color. As I compare these two typefaces, now, I can’t agree more to your point that bold sans serifs typeface makes the information stands out more than serif fonts. To add on to that, I think victoria’s secret wanted to cause curiosity of viewer to this fashion show by making the word ‘secret’ bigger than other letters. So it looks like it is victoria’s SECRET fashion show not victoria’s secret’s fashion show. Two typefaces definitely follows along with their intention.


  3. Posted by gushlaw11 on February 10, 2011 at 2:33 PM

    I completely agree that the serif typeface is a better approach for the ordinary person. It isn’t trying to sell a flashy item but necessities. The sans-serif logo is much more sparkly and makes a big deal out of the new line (for fashion week). I think that both of the typefaces word for what they were going for at the time. For a new line, you would want a big flashy name that stands out with bright contrasting colors while the other one emphasizes an everyday logo that uses a light pink to portray its femininity without going overboard.


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