Blog Post #3 – Logo

As you start working on your logo projects, I want you to take a look around you and notice all the different logos you see. What makes some good, what makes  some bad and how does this help you? What I want you to do for this blog post is to post a picture of a logo that you really like and one that you think is horrible (not from the same company). Tell me what you like about your first choice, why you chose it, who the audience is their trying to reach, and why you think it speaks to that audience. Obviously, for the second one, tell me what this logo is lacking. Though this is similar to your first two posts, I want you to focus more on the design and the color this time, as opposed to the typeface. Though, if the typeface stands out to you as part of the logo, you can certainly talk about it.

One caveat, you cannot use the same logo/design that you have chosen for the other posts. Get out there and find some new ones. Also, keep your answers to roughly one paragraph per logo. Some of you have been writing novels. . . I have 39 posts to read and 39 comments. I’m looking for quality not quantity when I grade, and being longwinded isn’t helping your grade any. Other than that, have fun with this. Find logos that speak to you and maybe even influence some ideas you’ve had for your own. As always, good luck, and contact me if you have any questions.



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