Gushlaw- Logo- Post 3

The first logo I chose was the Firefox logo. I believe that this is a descriptive, eye-catching logo that fits the product perfectly. The audience that Firefox trying to reach is people who want to stay connected. The world in the logo shows the target audience that no matter where you are you can use Firefox to keep in touch and the bright blue contrasts the yellow and orange flaming fox that is circling the world. The colors are definitely a huge component of this logo and its creativity makes it very memorable. It also fits the product perfectly, the tail of the fox shows the fire part of the name and conveys that it is fast. I believe that this is one of the best logos that I’ve seen and it is very inspiring as I look for ideas for my own logo.

The second logo I chose as I was looking at logos online. It is for the Arlington Pediatric Center. I understand the thinking behind having an adult and child for their logo, but it looks unprofessional and the positioning of the child next to the adult looks strange. I find it weird that the child doesn’t have arms, and that the child is so close to the adult. I think it is good that they are both gender neutral, but I would change it so they are further apart and I would have made the logo with the child having arms as well.


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  1. I definitely agree with you about the Firefox logo. The contrast of the orange and yellow with the bright blues really makes it stand out the most on my toolbar. Also, the way the fox is situated around the globe makes it look “fast” and like it’s moving. This is a great logo for an Internet service provider that advertises speed.

    It really is kind of weird that the child doesn’t have arms in this logo, but the adult does. I know that a pediatric center probably wants a clean, professional look, but nothing about this logo really stands out. However, as you said, it’s good that they kept the logo gender neutral–just give the kid some arms!


  2. Posted by Stephanie on February 13, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    I love the Firefox logo, it’s so bright and so eye-catching. It’s very memorable. I love all of the colors, I love the different shapes. This is a truly great logo.


  3. Posted by mjcohen13 on February 14, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    The Firefox logo is a great choice for a “good” logo. I really like the way it is sleek and modern, because that’s exactly what the internet is. You want to stay connected, and Firefox is what will let you do that. Also, the way the name is carried into the design is very well done. The fox’s tail turns to fire — awesome. While Internet Explorer would seem to target an older audience, Firefox does a great job stepping in as the new, youthful alternative.

    In terms of the second logo, I stumbled across it as well during my search. Most of the feedback I saw had to do with the risque connotation that could come from the position of the adult and child. I just don’t see how that symbolizes pediatric care. To me, the undefined bodies seem the opposite of professional because they lake any detail or sophistication. And when I think medicine, I think sophisticated and science. Not simple illustrations.


  4. I completely agree with you for both logos. Thinking back the Firefox logo stuck with me since the first time I saw it which is saying a lot because I have a terrible memory. The colors are very vibrant and friendly, which makes it stick out on a crowded toolbar. I particularly like the way that they combined the design of the fox’s tail turning into a fire to go along with the name. I usually prefer the more basic logos, but this logo does a great job of arranging a complex design. Even though there is a lot going on it can be understood within seconds.

    As for the second logo, I agree that the parents and kid look extremely awkward which actually draws your eye to them rather than the name of the company. This is a problem because the name of the company cannot be conveyed from the illustration. Additionally, I find the color choice to be extremely boring, and not eye-catching at all.


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