Musacchio – Logo – Post 3

I think the logo for Island Records gives the label an identity, while still looking professional. I like the use of the black circle with the white palm tree, since it not only reflects the name of the label, but also reminds me of a CD or record. Any time a circular design like that is used in a record label’s logo, it reminds me of two of the things they produce (or produced)–CDs and records. The logo is also simple and clean-cut, which is important since it has to appear on artists’ album artwork, which can be very busy and incorporate many different styles. Also, Island Records has so many different artists that span multiple genres, so their logo has to have mass appeal. I usually like color in logos, but I think the black and white works here for that reason. Nothing about this logo seems too juvenile or mature and it appears completely gender neutral. I also like the use of the sans-serif typeface for “Island,” since it looks more modern than a classic serif typeface. Also, the typeface used for “Island” reminds me of something you would see used in the tropics–it may be the differences in stroke weight. Overall, the logo is subtle enough with the tropic theme to tie in the label’s name, without being too cliche or verging on novelty. This logo helps me with my design because, I can see that you can incorporate a certain element, without making it too obvious. There needs to be a subtly to the logo to make it work.

In my opinion, the Interscope Records logo doesn’t represent the label at all and that’s why I chose it. The label started primarily as a hip-hop/alternative rock label in the early 1990s and this logo looks like it belongs as a graphic in a cheesy ’80s pop video. The typeface looks very juvenile, like something a young child scribbled. The dated squiggly, circle-thing that tops the “i” also looks very immature. I do like that the bottom of the “i” looks like a “1,” since the label should be shooting for #1 records, but I think this logo is a big miss. I also think this logo could use some color. Interscope is primarily a pop label now, and the music business (and particularly pop) is all about fun and creativity. Although I thought the black and white worked in the last logo, it doesn’t here. The audience they are trying to reach with many of their artists is young people and this logo looks youthful in all the wrong ways (typefaces, graphic elements), potentially making it a turn off to the audience they are trying to reach. This logo definitely needs a sleeker, more modern update to bring it into the 2010s. Although I think this is a poor example of a logo, it helps me with my design because, I’m also interested in the music industry and I can see that something more modern and sleek is needed here. I don’t want anything too cheesy like the Interscope logo!


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  1. Posted by Stephanie on February 13, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    Yeah I think that the Island logo is much more effective. It is more simple, and it looks classier. It looks much more professional than the Interscope Records logo. That logo looks childish and it definitely doesn’t represent the label, as you said.


  2. Posted by gushlaw11 on February 13, 2011 at 4:09 PM

    I completely agree about the first logo. It is very clean and I think the black and white is a better logo for a record company than if it had colors in it. The difference in stroke weight is very subtle in the Island, but I also think that the sans serif typeface is perfect for this logo.
    The second logo, I think also helped their logo by not using color because it would just show its childish design even more. I think that the biggest part of the logo that bothers me is the “I” in the main part of the logo. The dot of the eye being a spiral looks very childish and makes me think of something from Nickelodeon or a children’s television show. I think that they should have taken a more professional approach.


  3. Posted by kcmullig on February 16, 2011 at 11:26 PM

    I agree on both accounts. I think the first because it is simple and clean and professional looking. I also like how its circular shape makes you think of a record. It is very effective in conveying what they are all about. The second logo is interesting but it just doesn’t work for a record company. It looks sloppy and doesn’t make you think of music.


  4. Posted by ccjacquez on February 17, 2011 at 1:52 AM

    I love the island logo because although it’s an obvious connection – palm trees & island – it still makes for a good logo. It’s a clean cut logo, which is great because I think if color was incorporated it would be too flashy and a little too childish for the brand. It’s cool and professional all at the same time. The second logo is just a mess. The use of the swirly dot over the eye makes it seem too cartoonish and doesn’t convey that it belongs to a music label. The funky font also doesn’t work because it looks like a child wrote it, which doesn’t give a clean professional field. I think they were trying to be too ‘fun’ and it doesn’t make me take the music label seriously.


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