Bouvia- Logo- Post 3

So my post didn’t show up the first time. Let’s try this again.


The first logo I have posted is that of Pepsi Co. I like this logo because it’s simple. It’s a circle and it uses only three colors. The name of the company is not included in the logo, yet everyone knows what this logo is. I am impressed at how effective such a simple logo can be. I like that they don’t have their name in the logo, because it shows how confident they are in it.

The second logo I have posted is of Aetna Health Insurance Company. I don’t particularly like this logo because I think it’s boring and bland. It uses two shades of blue and a little yellow, that’s it. It doesn’t catch my eye, and it’s not very impressionable. The serif font choice is boring. I think if they used more colors, increased their graphic and decreased their name a little, and then chose a sans serif typeface, it would be a better logo. For now, it’s boring.

This helped me see how truly effective simplicity is. Pepsi is a huge company and their logo is memorable. It catches me eye and I remember it. I see now how effective certain colors are, certain shapes and I can see why they say less is more.


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