These two coffee companies have the same target audience of busy, and they are both aiming to provide the top quality coffee to their customer. Comparing the two logos, Starbucks stands out to me the most. It looks modern and unique, whereas the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’s logo looks boring and ordinary.







Starbucks uses three colors in their logo, white, dark green and black.  Each of these three colors has strong contrast, which makes the graphic, and the texts stand out to the audience. By just looking at the colors, customer can easily identify the even when the logo is minimizing to the smallest size. This design of the logo also gives audiences a trendy feeling, which gives the company a characteristic of not only selling its product but also selling a sense of fashion.




The Green mountain coffee Roaster’s logo as I mentioned before, it is a boring logo. Same as starbucks, it also uses three colors, which is easy to identify the text and the graphic. However, using a few of the coffee beans to represent its company is just too ordinary. It does not show the unique characteristic of the brand. Also there are too many texts in the logo, when we minimize the logo to the smallest size, audiences will not be able to read the whole text. By just looking at the logo, it made me think that the audiences that they are targeting are people who are more prices conscious rather than quality conscious.


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  1. Posted by meganmill on February 17, 2011 at 1:37 AM

    I agree very much with this post. Although the logos are similar, there is a large difference in brand personality because of the characteristics that are unique to each. Starbucks doesn’t display a coffee cup or espresso beans. It is this fact that makes the brand a bit more interesting. The image of the mermaid (I believe), is an out of the ordinary visual. This logo is much more stylish than Green Mountain which contains the company name and a few beans. Starbucks appeals to a trendier audience, while Green Mountain is a bit boring and too literal.


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