Cohen – Logo – Post 3

I think MTV’s logo is probably one of the best logos out there in terms of conveying the exact message it is trying to get across. Music Television was designed for young people and to have that rebellious flair that certain adolescents possess. The typeface used in the “TV” portion of the logo is a perfect example of that punk attitude that the station is hoping to show. And the size of the font used for the “M” is in your face, loud and boisterous. The target audience is slammed in the face by this logo, and it’s wonderfully designed for that reason. Young people can’t help but realize that it applies to them.


This logo for the 2010 London Olympics is just bad. All around bad. When I think Olympics, I think athletic ability, grace and supreme physical talents. This logo shows none of that. I can’t even tell what the shapes are supposed to be. Perhaps they are people? Perhaps they are just polygons? I really have no idea. For a logo that is supposed to be the image of arguably the world’s greatest sporting event, this is lackluster at best. The colors are bold and inviting, but the design is just terrible. I’m not sure what about this logo says Olympics or what type of message I am supposed to take away from it.


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  1. Posted by gsyellin on February 14, 2011 at 8:53 PM

    I completely agree with your assertion about the London Olympics logo, the Olympics are about athletics, and positive world competition, none of which is conveyed by that logo. In addition, I too cannot tell what those shapes are supposed to be. Are they individual? Do they comprise a greater picture? Its really hard to tell. As for the MTV logo, I agree that it is a very good original logo as it conveys all of what you mentioned. Now that MTV features almost no music however, maybe this logo featuring a huge ‘M’ doesn’t apply as much as it used to. MTV has become much more associated with the acronym ‘MTV’ than with the title ‘Music Television’ so maybe a logo ascribing equal importance to each letter would work better.


  2. Posted by leigho14 on February 15, 2011 at 11:12 PM

    I couldn’t agree more with the views on these different logos. The MTV logo is a staple in the adolescent and young adult lifestyle. People recognize the MTV logo immediately and correspond it to music television, youth, and the ability to be themselves. The logo is bold and the “TV” portion of the logo reminds me of graffiti which is a great representation of rebellion and freedom of expression. As for the 2010 London Olympics, I am completely lost in the understanding of what message the logo is trying to convey and direction it is going in. The irregular magenta shapes are distracting and do not seem to have any connection with the idea of Olympics. The Olympics are about teamwork and uniting as one and these shapes/pieces are jumbled and falling over which gives off the opposite message that is supposed to me portrayed. The Olympic rings and the word “London” are small and unmemorable due to the lack of standing out to grab one’s attention. Overall, I completely stand by the initial opinions of these two logos.


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