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Logo  is all about branding. Brands ought to make consumers to recognize their brand as soon as the consumers  look at the logo. And not only telling who they are, they also have to convey their brand image to consumers. However, this Escada logo is simply telling the consumer they are Escada. In addition, the logo is so similar to Gucci’s  that people can get confused. Sometimes Escada takes out the logo above their letter and only use the letters as their logo. It can be easily copied and has no characteristics of their brand. All you have to do is use sans serifs and type Escada in all upper case.  Lack of uniqueness in the logo led Escada less well-known high brand.

On the other hand, Louis Vuitton’s logo is simple but strong. They usually don’t use colors on their logo, which form the image of the logo more straightforward and simple. Regardless of their interest in high brands, people easily recognize Louis Vuitton’s logo. Any product with this logo on, people immediately think that product is high-quality and expensive. As a result, people would purchase more of Louis Vuitton’s. Taking the first letters of the full name make people to remember the brand easier and faster. However, that doesn’t mean Louis Vuitton is not a cheap brand for everyone. Louis Vuitton is high brand. They are targeting upper class people. Thus, they used serifs to make its logo more sophisticated and formal. This logo is catchy, and at the same time, telling consumer this brand is for privileged people.

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  1. Posted by ssadkows on February 14, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    I completely agree. I hate the Escada logo! I think it appears to be weak. The meshing of the letter “E” is so predictable and unoriginal. Some companies can get away with such a tactic, for example, your other logo – Louis Vuitton. It works because its simple and powerful. Escada is written in uniform, san-serif font, which looks boring. Also, this may just be my weird imagination, but when I look at the blatant white gap in the middle of the two E’s, the image reminds me of a crab, or the tops of two wrenches!


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