Jacquez -Logo Post

The Comedy Central logo is such a BAD logo for so many reasons. For one, nothing about it’s ‘new & improved’ logo doesn’t come off as funny or comedic at all. If the words comedy central were not placed underneath the logo, I honestly think that I would have thought it was a interesting design for an ear. Also, the use of black & white is so unexciting that it doesn’t give it a funny feel or an imply that is an entertainment logo. All together this logo is way to stuffy and stuck up to be a comedy central logo. It’s not exciting nor is is funny to look at. It is supposed to appeal to a joyful, light-hearted crowd that enjoys laughing, but this logo does not accomplish that what-so-ever.



On the other hand, the use of the black and white color scheme for the chanel logo is fitting and tasteful. The use of the Black and White complements the sleekness of the style ,and makes it stand out in clothing labels. The two C’s are a clever design that incorporates the full name of the brand, Coco Chanel. It is visually appealing without being too overwhelming. The logo exudes sophistication and class, which is how the brand represents itself. The crowd they are trying to appeal to are wealthy fashionistas, and this logo accomplishes that by using a bold and clear typeface, with a classy black and white theme.

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