I like Music Nation’s logo because it successfully incorporates the  world and the music note into the name. The blue really pops against the dark lettering and the stem of the note lines up with the slant of the M making it visually pleasing. It is very neat and it gives a modern fresh feel to it. The “music” part really stands out because of the bold capital lettering and it clearly advertises what they are about. The softer black and blue coloring and the simple design make it welcoming yet strong in targeting new developing artists.

Music IP also tried to incorporate a music note into the company logo to advertise itself to people in the music business or to people looking for music. The coloring and the typeface are both boring and nondescript and the proportions look odd. The IP fits awkwardly in the circle and the large graphic  isn’t balanced by the capital M. The TM also seems out of place.

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