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I am all about bargain shopping and the best place around to find great deals for any sort of purchase is Target. Target is a store that sells almost everything and anything at low and convenient prices. I think most of its success comes from its memorable and simple logo. Target’s logo is none other than a target or bullseye. It’s very simple and captures one’s attention almost immediately with the bright and big red bullseye. The logo represents everything that Target stands for which is expressing the idea and concept of “X marking the spot” of where people can find what they are looking for. I love this logo and I share the same love for the store because of it. Target reaches out to a very broad audience, pretty much anyone looking for good deals on shopping in any sort of department. The color and size of the logo is appealing and memorable and exhibits Target’s true goal – attracting everyone to what they want and need.

I had never heard of Price Chopper before attending Syracuse University and it’s lack of an understandable and appealing logo might be the reason why. I have since learned that Price Chopper is a grocery store with an attached pharmacy. The store’s audience includes individuals that go food shopping which mostly pertains to adults providing for themselves and family. The word “Price” is off balance to the right of the bottom word “Chopper” which threw me off. I understand that the name of the store has to do with the fact that all their prices are “chopped” or lower in comparison to other food stores. The thing in the logo that bothers me the most is the symbol included to the left of the word “Price.” It is supposed to be an axe chopping something I’ve yet to figure out. By first looks of this logo I would never know it was for a grocery store due to the poor design of the “chopping” symbol included in the logo. Overall the name of the store is clever but the logo lacks understanding of what the store sells/purpose.


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  1. Posted by idong814 on February 16, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    I agree to your opinion about price chopper’s logo. When I first saw the logo on Erie Blvd. I though it was a store for house building tools. I didn’t even imagine they are a grocery that sells food and medicines. Although both logos depicted their name to picture directly, price chopper one’s is more literal and has no message other than they are cheap. No one wouldn’t know the meaning of that axe before knowing what they are selling. However, target conveys message that they are satisfying variety of consumers’ target, buying cheap groceries and supplies. It is simple and straightforward. And I also agree that the word “Price” off balance and make me feel like that axe cut things too much.


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