Sadkowski – Post 3

I’m sure when you all look at the Baskin Robbins logo, you smile, or get excited.  Why?  Because it reminds you of ice cream – and ice cream is good.   Because Baskin Robbins is an ice cream brand, it needs to portray that innocent/joyous/sweet persona.  It is necessary for a brand’s logo to truly reflect the type of product it is representing, and this logo does just that.  The colors are so bright and child-like, and the writing is fun and unique.   I love this logo because it is fun and reflective; I love ice cream, and when I have some, I want sprinkles and colors and flavors!  When I look at this logo, I expect to get that!

Hilton, on the other hand, is boring.  This is bad because the Hiltons aren’t boring – in fact, they’re the opposite.  They’re luxurious and fabulous, and their hotels are, as well.  The swirly circle that is used to cross the “H” is going in the right direction because it looks fancy; however, the two vertical lines of the “H” are short, bold and san-serif.  This is too intense.  The two styles don’t blend well here, in fact, I feel like I can just pick up the swirl and separate the entire logo.  That’s not a good sign.. The word “Hilton” is written nicely, and can probably stand on its own.  The “H” really weakens the logo, though; it looks pointless and it doesn’t reflect the lifestyle of the Hiltons.


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  1. Posted by cchou03 on February 16, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    I agree with your opinions on these two logos.Though these to logos are targeted to different audiences, they do share the same characteristics of providing best quality and joy to their customers.Baskin Robins did a good job with the logo by incorporate the first letters of their brand name into the logo. Its easy to recognize and simple. The color they chose attracted to both boys and girls, and it does bring out joy to the audience from the bubbly font.

    On the other hand, the logo for Hilton looks a little too serious. Hilton as we all know is one of the top well-known hotel in the world. It provides the best quality, and is a five star hotel. Honestly but just looking at the logo, it does not show any sense of luxurious , and it defiantly does not reflect the lifestyle of hiltons.


  2. Something to keep in mind about the Hilton logo is that the large sans serif “H” is representing the towers of their hotels. It is simple, but I like it and actually think it’s pretty clever. Also, did you notice that in the Baskin Robbins logo that inside the “BR” is also the numbers 31, representing their 31 flavors.


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