Yellin-Logo-Post 3

This first logo is the National Football League shield, I believe that the NFL shield is a great logo for the NFL because it represents everything the NFL is about and conveys that to its audience. First and foremost the NFL is American which is conveyed on the shield with the color scheme, comprised of red, white, and blue, and even features the stars-and-stripes dynamic. The NFL is also traditionally about defense, about stopping the other team and not letting them gain yards against you, so it is fitting that the logo of the NFL would be a shield. In addition, the shield also represents the stability of the league and its no-nonsense policy, it says to every player that even though the game is about hitting people and is highly emotional, anything you do, on or off the field, that is not in accordance with league rules will not go without punishment.


This second logo is for a company called ‘Computer Doctor’ that fixes broken computers. I believe that this is a terrible example of a logo. The logo as a whole focuses almost entirely on the ‘doctor’ pun, with the only imagery relating to a computer coming at the far bottom of the logo in the form of a vague mouse. The logo has also stolen another logo, that of the Red Cross, and used it in place of the ‘t’ in the word ‘computer. it occurs to me that a company whose sole function is to fix computers should focus more on computers, computer parts, and or technology in its logo.


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