Cohen – Logo – Post 4

The Air Jordan logo has done more than just define a person. It has become a brand. Players like Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James each have their own shoe line with this symbol on it. The reason this logo is so effective is because of the image we associate it with. It immediately brings us back to Michael Jordan taking off from the free-throw line in the NBA dunk contest. It’s also more than an outline. There are little details that make it stand out just like the player it resembles. For example, there are laces on the shoes that aren’t neatly tied. His fingers on his left hand are spread apart to express concentration. And you can see the wrinkle in his shorts from spreading his legs to dunk. This logo, to me, is very uplifting. Though most of us will never be Michael Jordan, it inspires that “Anything is possible” mindset. The mindset that the extraordinary can be done. The target audience for this logo is definitely a younger audience. Teens and young adults are the ones who grow up idolizing MJ. I think this logo really preaches the concept of personal identification that we learned about in class. There is no better image to symbolize Michael Jordan, so this logo definitely achieves its purpose. It shows how important it is to create a logo that defines the individual, because everyone will remember it.

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