Sadkowski – Post 4


For this post, I decided to use the Batman logo.  I can’t exactly say that we see it everywhere (especially since Tim said that’s an unacceptable answer), but I do think this logo is extremely distinguishable and anyone who doesn’t live in a bubble knows what this logo is and what itrepresents.

Clearly, the image is a black bat againsta yellow background.  After listening to Darren emphasize the importance of shape, I found this logoto really exemplify that.  It looks like it began as a black oval and then more shapes were removed.  There are some more ovals and rectangular shapes “missing” from the blackness.  The two colors have a complementing contrast and both are very important.  The image is focusing on the bat but the yellow stands strong on its own too, which is nice.

I don’t necessary love Batman, but I do get a strong/positive vibe from this logo.  The colors are great for the reasons I mentioned.  And I like how the bat and the yellow oval fit perfectly.  It shows that Batman is heroic, which is obviously true.  The target audience is people who are fans of superheroes and enjoy that kind of thing (probably Darren..), but it reaches more than that.  Everyone knows about Batman and they know roughly what his deal is, and when presented with this logo, they immediately make the connection.  I could just be reflecting on my personal experiences here, but I think that’s true since I’m not a Batman fan.

This logo helps me with my project because it demonstrates that color and shape are really the glue that brings the message and the image together.  I know that Ihave to make my logo as simple as this one is and have it represent what I want to say.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Stephanie on February 20, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    I agree, I think the simple and effective use of the shapes make this a really memorable logo. Everyone knows what this logo is, and there’s really not much to it.


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