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The Reese’s logo is one that we see all the time, whether it is in stores, in advertisements, or commercials. Some elements that make this logo a recognizable one are: the typeface of Reese’s, (it is a unique kind of script typeface that we typically don’t see on a day-to-day basis,) and the colors used (the bright orange catches out attention, and the yellow color of Reese’s sticks in our minds. Imagine this logo is it were blue, purple or green. It would not have the same memorable affect!) It’s also not a complicated logo. It’s an oval with the word ‘Reese’s’ in it, and the side-view of a peanutbutter-cup.

The logo gives an excited kind of feeling, because of the vibrant, energetic colors used in the logo. Again, if you tried to picture this logo in blue or purple, it would just not be the same. The use of the bright yellow over the bright orange creates an energy in the logo.

The target audience for this logo is kids and adults. Kids are an easy target for candy companies, especally around Halloween time. The logo is effective for targeting children because it’s not complicated, there aren’t many words in the logo, it’s bright and it keeps your attention for a moment.

When designing my logo, I’m going to keep in mind how simple logos are better, and how color use can really make or break a logo. I like the use of orange because it’s bright and energetic, and it’s more unique than just using red. I think the combination of orang and yellow really makes a loud, vibrant statement, and I like that. I also like the simple use of circles or ovals rather than jagged shapes like squares or triangles. I think this logo is a good example of nice color use, shape use and typeface choice.


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  1. Posted by kcmullig on February 20, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    This is a very good example of a logo that is easily recognized. The colors and the typeface are very important elements and I agree that without the vibrant orange and yellow it would not have the same effect. The colors are fun and catch the eye as well as remind you of peanut butter and chocolate. The typography is also recognizable enough to still be successful in black and white. The three e’s are emphasized because of the straighter lines, which are connected to the unique curves of the s’s and the R.


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