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This is the logo for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. People could say they only know this logo because they saw it everywhere they looked for months leading up to the campaign, which is true, but it stuck in your mind unlike that of McCain and Clinton. This logo was so distinct because of its simplicity. The design is a basic circle with another circle inside of it and it looks like the flag is made from an oval design overlapping the second circle. As Darren said the strongest logos using simple graphic shapes, which is exactly what Obama did here.

Obama also used an interesting choice of colors, there were very bright but calm at the same time. The logo gives off a positive, but strong feel, which is what Obama was trying to represent throughout the campaign. It also represents his stance on change very well. The way the flag is waving in an upward direction and the sun is rising behind it gives off that sense of a new change. Since it represents him as a person, and what he wants to accomplish it leaves a lasting impression, unlike that of other presidential candidates.

The target audience for this logo would be to all democrats and young voters. I think it does a great job of reaching this audience because of its soft colors that flow together. It is not screaming to you saying “vote for me” it gives the positive feel that assures you that change will be underway which was an important factor in this election.

This really inspired me for my logo because all I have seen are logos that are representing a name like target that has a starting point in their name, but a logo for a person and their characteristics is a much tougher starting point. However, I was able to see how Obama was able to capture the person he is and what he was representing all in one simple logo.


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  1. I definitely think this was the most effective presidential campaign logo in history. While the red, white and blue color scheme may seem a little obvious, these colors make perfect sense for someone who is running for president. I remember looking at the McCain logo in class, and the dark blue, yellow and white just didn’t convey the image we associate with America. I also like the traditional stripes of the flag, but using them in a way where it isn’t just a flag image. It’s very representative of Obama and his campaign–a new take on America. The “O” shape of the logo is an obvious nod to “Obama,” and I like that because I’m also looking to include my initial(s) in my logo design. However, I feel like the “O” was almost snuck in there with the focus being more on the colors and overall horizon image, which I something I’ll have to work on with my design.


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