Mulligan-Logo-Post 4

The M is like a big black block while the T and V are smaller and less structured and seem like they were jotted down over top of the M. The contrast between the black and white also makes the logo stand out. The messy “TV” branches out over the sides without any outline but you still get the feel that they are extending past the block shape. The contrast between the fonts and the simplicity of the shapes make the logo very easily identifiable. The target audience would be young adults and teenagers and the logo does a good job of providing a young modern feel by using the block lettering combined with the overlap of the handwriting style lettering. I like how the made it simple by leaving the “TV” without an outline while still enabling you to visualize how it extends. I also like how the block shapes, outlined by white, create depth in the logo. These are things that I would like to incorporate into my design to make it more successful. This logo also really has a personality that you feel whenever you see it and it inspires me to find just the right combination to create my personality.


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