The main element of Monster Energy’s logo is the M shape that is formed by a monster’s claw and presented in neon green color. The M from the monster claws represents it brand name. The way it is designed gives the audience a feeling that after the consumption of the drink you will have as much energy as a monster possess.  Also the choice of the logo color “neon green” is very rare, it makes the audience easy to remember and identify. The color gives an exotic feeling, which accurately depicted the brand’s character. Energy drink is a mysterious drink to a lot of the audiences, from the gradients that it used, to the effect that it brings to the consumer. The exotic feeling draws the consumer’s curiousness to the product.

Honestly, this logo gives me an obnoxious feeling due to the way the monster claw draws the M. This design makes me feel like there’s too much energy in it, and that people who drinks it needs to calm down.

This design can create two extreme perceptions from the audiences. I think it will convey the message well to the audiences who’s looking for a strong energy booster; however, to people who doesn’t drink energy drink might be imitated by the color and the design of the logo.

What is learn from this logo is that when we can only pick one main message that we want to convey to the audiences, so that the logo can be simple. It is important to maintain our logo as simple as possible so that its easy to remember and to understand.

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  1. Posted by gushlaw11 on February 23, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    I definitely agree with the above statements. The logo of the ‘M’ drawn by claws gives the energy drink a very unique look. It is also eye catching by using the black and bright green colors. The can gives off a very exotic and rebellious feel. In fact, it seems like it would be intimidating to people who do not drink it but may want to try to try a type of energy drink. They might not pick Monster, but returning customers, like myself, know the brand and rely on it.
    I do disagree with the statement that there is an obnoxious feeling and too much energy in the logo. I think there is a perfect amount and that it is the type of image the product promoters are trying to give off to their target audience.


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