Mercedes is the symbol of wealth. And the car that has this logo on wears the luxurious brand image of Mercedes. Since Mercedes is an expensive brand, we can’t see this logo very often as we see other popular logos like Coca-Cola. However, whenever we see it we immediately recognize where this logo belongs to. A circle and combined three lines are the only compositions of this logo.Simple and clean cut lines makes the logo more strong and recognizable. People see bunch of logos everyday, but only a few logos stay in people’s mind. In this case, simpler, the better. In addition, people can easily find the motif of this logo is the wheel of the car. The logo simplified all the details of the wheel defining them with three lines. Although it is simple, the logo doesn’t forget having graceful and sophisticated image, which fit perfectly on what Mercedes aiming for.

Mercedes’s target audience is people who can afford their car, upper class people. Therefore they had to represent that their car is not just expensive but strong and give wealthy people a name tag of wealth on their logo. And Mercedes is doing great job.

Most challenging part of my logo project is the simplification. Like Mercedes pull out the wheel as this popular logo, I think I should make my logo something simple but not looking empty and effortless.




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