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Coca-Cola soda has been the American soft drink for decades. It was the first drink that replaced water. Just like it says below the name of the company,  Coca-Cola is a classic company which is easily understood and demonstrated through its logo design. Red and white are two of America’s colors which goes along with it being an American soda (that has now turned into a multi-billion dollar international corporation). The red pops at the audience and grabs their attention. The curvy and “wave-like” typeface and line below the name resembles the way the drink is poured into a glass and its relaxing/refreshing appeal (similar to the slogan the company used to advertise: “The pause that refreshes”). By growing up seeing this logo and learning about it through the years of buying and drinking their product, I have come to identify the typeface being used for “Coca-Cola” as always for Coca-Cola products. The logo has become a staple in Americans’ lives. When looking at the logo one thinks of a tasty refreshment perfect for a hot summer day or the compliment to any meal that will put a smile on his/her face due to lasting impressing the soft drink brings and the colors it incorporates itself with as a company. Everyone in the world can identify and recognize this logo. It’s one that people grow up with and recognize immediately. Coca-Cola is more about keeping the classy and old-fashioned persona so its target are older people that were around during the the time when the soda was introduced. These people have since then passed down the ideals of the company and soft drink to the younger generations that they identify themselves with. From this logo, I would stress the fact of making my logo very simple and use an eye-catching color scheme and typeface people will automatically associate myself with.


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  1. Posted by idong814 on February 23, 2011 at 11:41 PM

    I agree with you. Red can be a very strong color to represent the entire product. However, Coca-cola used it as an wise way by using curves on the letters and on the bottom line. Those combination give strong impression but not overwhelming the customer. In addition, we don’t get sick of the logo instead we feel more attached to the logo and the brand. It is very interesting that this simple logo represents the company and lasts forever in customer’s mind.


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