Yellin-Logo-Post 4

The logo I decided to analyze for this week’s blog post is the famous Nike ‘swoosh’. The swoosh has become instantly recognizable all over the world and is immediately associated with Nike. The success of the swoosh, however, would not have come about if it was not a great logo to begin with. One of the first things I realized in attempting to explain the success of the swoosh was its simplicity, the swoosh is merely a check mark. Despite its extreme simplicity, I feel as though the swoosh is perfectly aligned with Nike’s motto, ‘Just do it’. Nike as a company is about giving an athlete the best equipment to ‘just do it’; whenever I see the swoosh it makes me think of a check-mark next to a workout sheet (bicep curls: check, chest press: check, and so on). The swoosh says everything it needs to in communicating with Nike’s target market of athletes; it says, ‘we will give you the equipment and apparel to make your athletic goal so easy to accomplish that you can ‘just do it’ and check it off your list.


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  1. Posted by meganmill on February 22, 2011 at 11:38 PM

    I feel like you’re right on target when you talk about the Nike logo as a check mark that acknowledges various athletic accomplishments. I was going to mention this quality myself before I finished reading your post. The logo’s simplicity is key. This allows it to be extremely memorable. The only other thought I can think to add is that the shape of the swoosh may symbolize additional abstract ideas that pertain to sports. For example: speed, because of the logo’s thick to thin quality.


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