Gushlaw – Logo – Post #4

I think that this logo conveys fun and friendliness, as well as trying to sell their product. The two T’s especially make people identify with the logo because they are meant to be people who are sharing a snack. This logo is one that is very well known and the chip over the I makes the two T’s actually look lifelike and like they are happy to be sharing, not trying to pull it away from each other. The red over the I also adds color to the otherwise black logo and makes your eyes go right to the two people. I get a friendly feeling because it is fun because of the thick and unsymmetrical typeface. The target audience for this logo is families and people who are hungry and want a snack they can share. I think that this is a great logo for the product they are trying to sell and the clever people and salsa hidden inside the Tostito’s name is very catchy. This logo inspired my by trying to add simple and small amounts of color into my design to draw the audiences eyes to parts of my logo I want them to see or identify with.


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  1. Posted by gsyellin on February 22, 2011 at 10:24 PM

    I completely agree with your assessment of the Tostitos logo. It conveys fun and community centering around the two ‘t’s sharing a chip over a plate of dip – all very well incorporated into the logo and the word ‘Tostitos’.


  2. Posted by leigho14 on February 22, 2011 at 10:27 PM

    I love the Tostitos logo and agree with everything said in the above post. The Tostitos logo is immediately recognizable and I always incorporate the brand logo with chips and creating a fun atmosphere with friends. I purchase Tostitos for football gatherings and social events because it is the perfect snack to share that everyone loves. The Tostitos logo gives off a cheerful and lively vibe making one want to experience this feeling of fun and excitement. The vibrant and bright colors go along with the message that is being portrayed with the product. The clever “T’s” made into people sharing chips over the dot of the “i” as a bowl of salsa signifies what the product is and how it is used. Tostitos is a household name and I usually prefer saying “Let’s buy some Tostitos” than “Let’s buy some chips.” I love their logo and the feeling it gives off because it matches perfectly with the tasty chips they sell that everyone enjoys.


  3. Posted by ccjacquez on February 23, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    I absolutely LOVE this logo! I agree that it definitely is easily identifable and that it catches the eye immediately due to the color scheme – such as the red that is warped to be a bowl of salsa. Also the clever use of the T’s to create people makes it an iconic message – the people are sharing a chip over a bowl of salsa. I agree that this logo conveys a sense of family & sharing.


  4. I completely agree with you on this logo. I have never looked that deeply into the logo even though I eat them daily, but now that I look closely it is an extremely creative logo. It deals with simplicity, yet is still able to capture the “fun” feel with the two “T’s” and the family idea with the chip in the middle over a bowl of salsa. The logo really conveys the idea of the chips and salsa being a party type food that is shared with all. This is a perfect example of a logo that is able to completely capture the character of a product.


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