Jacquez Logo Post #4

The Toys R Us logo is easily identifiable due to various components. One – the colors used are not neon bright nor are they pastels so it’s easy to look at, but also easy to spot. The font used is also uncommon so it makes it pop and catches the attention of its target audience – kids! The typeface looks playful and therefore makes it easy for kids to relate to it. The use of the star and the backward R make it kid friendly, and thus makes it recognizable by children everywhere.

The feeling I get from looking at this logo is a playful one  – the incorporation of colors, typeface, use of informal letters (backward R), and the star show that its meant to be fun and exciting for kids. As a kid I could see Toys R Us logos from MILES away due to their color scheme and that hard to miss star. All the colors remind me of that pool of colored plastic balls kids played in, and always makes me want to play with toys.

The target audience is children and this logo does a very good job at reaching them. As a 20 year old, I still can see the first glimpses of this logo whenever I’m on the road passing it by. I still feel like I want to go inside and find some toy to play with.

I like the use of color in this logo especially because it captures the audience perfectly – if it were neon colored then I think it woul appeal to techno rage party-ers. If it were pastel colored, it would remind me of their branch Babies R Us. The use of these specific color palettes gives it a certain feel and I want to incorporate that careful use of color into my own design. I want to make sure the colors I use portray the correct message that represents me.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by gsyellin on February 22, 2011 at 10:38 PM

    I agree with your assessment of the ‘Toys R Us’ logo and I think it was a great choice for this post. I particularly agree with your assertion about the color choice and tone. Using simple colors in the most basic shade is the best way for Toys R Us to convey their message; that they are a toy store for kids. Any other shade of color would have conveyed a completely different message.


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