Cammett-Logo-Post 5

Design Strategy

I had trouble incorporating my hobbies and the sporty person that I am into a logo that coincided with my advertising major; therefore I went for a more personal, character related logo. The circular design represents the group-oriented person that I am. It is never me alone it is me and my family, my friends, or my team. Within this circle I chose to incorporate my initials, particularly emphasizing the “C” because the arch I put on the “C” makes it resemble the copy write “C” which is the advertising field I would like to go into.

Style Sheets


Name: Italian Old Style Bold 16pt/19.2; no kerning Business Card

Contact Information : Regular 11pt/16; no kerning Name: Italian Old Style 18pt/21.6; no kerning

Headers: Italian Old Style Bold 12 pt/14.4; no kerning Address: Italian Old Style 10pt/14; no kerning

Body: Italian Old Style Regular 12pt/14.4; no kerning

Business Card

Name: Italian old style 18pt/21.6;no kerning

Contact info: Italian Old Style 10pt/14;no kerning


Name: Italian Old Style Bold 14pt/16.8; no kerning

Address: Italian Old Style 10pt/14; no kerning


I used one typeface throughout my three stationary, Italian Old Style MT Std. I think it’s ornamental with the serifs but still easily legible. I chose this typeface because it contrasted well with the circular design of my logo. Italian Old Style has enough curve to fit in with the round logo, but also give the paper a more stern feel with its sharp edges on second parts of my name (ILL, AMMETT).


Letterhead                        Business Card

Top Margin: 3p0            Top Margin: 2p7.05

Bottom Margin:3p0       Bottom Margin: 2p7.05

Left Margin: 2p5             Left Margin: 1p8

Right Margin: 2p5          Right Margin: 1p8


The logo itself is a very basic design it is made up of three circles and a line. The outside obviously being a full circle, a second circle that that creates the “C” that I used the scissor tool to cut down, and a third circle cut down to make the “J.” Then I decided to add a small line to make the letter “J” more distinct. I also decided to create a different design to emphasize the colors in the logo because they do a lot in describing who I am. The two graphics stay consistent throughout the three stationary, only varying in size.


I wanted to feature warm colors to convey the happy and warm person that I am. In particular I chose the two pinks and the orange because they resembles the colors of a sunset, and I live on the beach and if there is one thing I love most in this world it is watching a sunset. Because these colors played such a large role is describing who I am in the logo I chose to pull those colors out and create and additional design that just focuses on the three colors.

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