Musacchio – Logo – Post 4

I wanted a logo that was simple and clean, but also modern to represent my desired career in the forward thinking entertainment industry. I’m particularly interested in the music industry, where the past often merges with the present, combining legacy and tradition with contemporary trends. I wanted my logo to reflect this combination and appeal to an audience that understands where the music industry has been and where it’s going. Having this idea in mind, the most difficult problem was finding the best way to display it. I went through many revisions, at first adding small elements and then taking others away. It was definitely a challenge to create a logo that has multiple dimensions without having any unnecessary elements.

I only used the typeface Geo Sans Light for this project. I wanted to incorporate a font I used in my wordmark and resume, to carry over an aspect from that design. I plan to present my resume and stationary set together in the future, so I wanted them to be cohesive. I chose Geo Sans Light because it’s a sans-serif font that has a more modern feel to accompany the visuals I have created. I also like that it’s very simple and easy to read.

Business Card:
Geo Sans Light

Name: 10 pt.; kerned
Contact info: 7 pt.; kerned

Top margin: 1.7 picas
Left margin: 0.5 picas
Right margin: 0.5 picas
Bottom margin: 1.6 picas

Geo Sans Light

Name: 15 pt.; kerned
Contact info: 12 pt.; kerned
Body copy: 11 pt.; kerned

Top margin: 2.6 picas
Left margin: 7.1 picas
Right margin: 7.1 picas
Bottom margin: 3.1 picas

Geo Sans Light

Name: 12 pt.; kerned
Contact info: 9 pt.; kerned

I knew I wanted my logo to both represent my love for music and desire to work in the music industry. I liked the idea of the play button, because it’s displayed on every digital music player and it’s something we push on a daily basis to listen to the music we love. I also like that it only consisted of two very basic shapes: a circle and a triangle. I made the triangular button out of plain circles at first, but thanks to your suggestion, turning them into CDs added another dimension to the design. Having the CDs comprise the play button once again links the past with the present and represents the evolution of the music industry. Also, the outer black circle around the play button and the placement of the text is meant to make the entire logo look like a spinning record—incorporating the three most popular forms of recorded music in one design.

I chose to go with blues for the CDs, because the iTunes logo currently incorporates three shades of blue. So many people get their music digitally (and more specifically from iTunes) now, so I wanted to incorporate that into my design using color.


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