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Project 2 : Personal Logo Stationery Set Date: 03/01/2011

Design Strategy

This logo is intended to give the audience a simple, friendly feeling. I choose to do a logo that only represents my personality since I’m not sure what kind if job field i am going into. To simplify the tulip logo, I used basic shapes circle, and triangle to create a simple image of the tulip.


I choose Candara typeface, a humanist San Serif typeface. It goes well with round shape box behind the flower, this font continues to give the reader a gentle, easy feeling that my logo intended to carry out. Another reason I chose this font is that this font is easy to read and while presented in a modern fashion, it is very important for reader to feel comfortable reading through a letter.

Style Sheets


Name: Candara Bold, 14 pt./16.8 pt.; no kerning

Contact Info: Candara Regular, 14 pt./16.8 pt.; superscript, no kerning; color: tint 80%

Body text: Candara Regular, 10 pt./12 pt.; no kerning

Header: Candara Bold, 10 pt./12 pt.; no kerning

Business Card

Name: Candara Bold, 10 pt./6 pt.; no kerning

Contact Info: Candara Regular, 8 pt./9 pt.; no kerning; color: tint 80%


Name: Candara Bold, 14 pt./16.8 pt.; no kerning

Contact Info: Candara Regular 12 pt./ 14.4 pt.; no kerning; color: tint 80%

Margins :

Letter head:

Top: 5p0

Bottom: 5p0

Right: 6p0

Left: 6po



Top: 3p0

Bottom: 3p0

Right: 3p0

Left: 3p0


I choose tulip to represent myself not only because tulip is my favorite flower, but also the meaning of the tulip “perfect love” carries out well to represent my personality. Choosing round shape for the background box behind the flower is to represent my easy-going, and gentle characteristics. The design is simple, with an identifiable tulip shape,and a rectangle purple box behind it to carry out the shape of the tulip. Instead of using an normal size tulip, i choose to do a magnified tulip with just a little bit of the stem to show that I am a careful person, whatever i do, i take time to magnified the situation to make the best judgement.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Stephanie on March 1, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    I really like this logo.
    I like that you chose to magnify the tulip and show only part of it, rather than the entire flower.
    I also like the purplish-pinkish color you chose to use, I think it’s really pretty and it highlights the tulip really well.


  2. Posted by gsyellin on March 1, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    I think you did a really good job with your logo, I like how the flower isn’t in the middle but is rather offset so that you can see all of one side of it. I also like how you integrated the purple into the rest of your designs, and like I said in class, I like how you wore a purple scarf that matches your logo and designs.


  3. Posted by meganmill on March 2, 2011 at 5:31 PM

    I really enjoyed your use of white space in creating the tulip for your logo. You took your design a step further and created something more intriguing rather than just drawing a simple flower with the shape tool.

    The real reason I think you’ve created a great logo is because after getting to know your work and personality a bit, through past and present classes we’ve had together, I can see how this logo represents you. A tulip is a sweet, bright colored flower that symbolizes the fresh characteristics of spring. Your feminine and kind personality is displayed in your logo and identity system. Great job!


  4. Posted by ssadkows on March 2, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    I think your logo is adorable!! It really represents you. We were in the same group in class when we critiqued our logos. I really enjoy the two simple colors and your reasoning for choosing each one. The white space is really appealing, and I really like how the tulip is not centered.

    Your overall design (with purple lines) compliments the logo nicely, as well.


  5. I absolutely love your logo. I know you went in depth explaining your logo in class and just from hearing from you for 2 minutes I can already tell that your logo really conveys who you are. It is very simple but really ties in every part of you, a loving, caring, and friendly girl who is very loyal. I also really like how you moved the tulip to the right it gives it a nice effect. I also like how you curved the edges of the circles to give it a more calm feeling. You did a great job of carrying out your logo throughout all three stationary.


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