Design Strategy:

Since simplicity matters most, I tried to use basic shapes to make my logo. And to add a little bit of complexity, I crossed the lines in the middle and tried to make those shapes are all connected. I want to be an account executive in the future. Connection with clients is the key to success in my area. And this is why I connected all the shapes like Olympic rings.

Style Sheet

Business Card:

Name and phone number: OCR A Std Regular, 14/14

Body (Email and Address): Calvert MT Std Light, 10/8


Name: Penumbra Flare Std Regular, 18/21.6

Address: Calvert MT Std Light, 11/13.2

Choice of Typefaces:

I used typefaces that are readable and that also convey my message to the recipients. Since my logo has strict edges out, I tend not to use too much curved letters that could mismatch with the logo. To soften the strict impression of my logo, I placed sans serifs and showed my soft personality.


I created a business logo that represents my future career. The connection of the two rectangles creates an optical illusion of lines overlapping each other. This overlapping denotes the interconnection among people, which is closely related to my future career. Also by rotating the cross to 45 degree, I emphasized the importance of relationship but not in religious way. To depict the importance of credit in a relationship, I borrowed the typefaces from credit cards as my business card’s typeface. However, on the envelope, I focused more on readability so the mail could reach the recipient better.


The colors each represent a different characteristic. Red, blue, brown, and gold represent my present condition, my comfort zone, the only color that fits on my eyelids, and my future career, respectively. Also the color contrast of red and blue depicts my nationality as an American and Korean.


One response to this post.

  1. I really like your logo because it’s both simple and abstract at the same time. You only used one shape, but the way in which you connected those shapes brings a deeper meaning to the logo and adds a new dimension. Connecting with people is a huge part of any occupation, and your logo exemplifies that. The design itself is very professional and compliments your desire to work in business. However, the colors add a nice personal touch and I like how they’re colors you don’t always see used together. Overall, I think the logo is very eye-catching, both because of its sleek design and the use of unusual colors.

    I like your font, but I think a more modern sans-serif may have worked better for your name. However, I do like how it evokes the look of a credit card, once again tying the design back to business.


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