Gushlaw – Stationery – Post #5


Project #2: Logo and Stationery

March 1, 2011

Design Strategy:

My design strategy was to think of different objects or things that could describe me without being too decorative or complex. I like clean cut designs and simplicity so I chose the crescent over my other main ideas. I am very interested in the Middle Eastern and the fertile crescent. I also live in the country and it reminds me of the night sky, and lastly because my sorority’s symbol is a moon, and I am very involved in it. I chose to use three stars because of the U.S. flag. Patriotism is very important to me and my family. My brother, my uncle and I are all very close and they influence many of my decisions.

Style Sheet:

Logo: Nueva Std, 14 pt. name, 12 pt. contact info

Text: Hiragino Mincho ProN, 12 pt.

Choice of Typefaces:

I chose Nueva Std for my typeface because it is very sleek and is a serif typeface. It doesn’t have bracketed serifs and it is slightly curvy. The main reason I chose Nueva Std was because the G in my last name has a curve in it similar to a C and the way that the stroke is makes the C’s and G’s look like crescents themselves, and I liked how it added uniformity without being too much. For the text I chose to use Hiragino Mincho ProN because it is a lighter black compared to other typefaces and have some very similar properties to Nueva Std. It is also is a narrower typeface, like Nueva Std. and is another serif typeface, which I liked.


In my design, I stuck to a very simple image and used black for the crescent moon itself because I wanted it to look good whether it was a big logo or very small as an icon. I think that the stylistics of my logo work with the typefaces I chose because both typefaces are similar to each other and both have the properties of the crescent moon with thinner letters and crescent shaped c’s.


I used a simple color scheme: black and red. I used the red for stars because red to me is very patriotic and I think that red and black and white look very classy and professional when they are together. The red also symbolizes my family, because our family crest is red as well. I think that the small touches of color enhance my logo and make it more unique.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by meganmill on March 2, 2011 at 5:36 PM

    I remember seeing your logo in class and I think you’ve done a great job in finalizing it. The end product is simple, clear, and a great design concept. Your interests play well with the crescent moon, and I love that the three starts represent those who are most important to you. The significant aspects of your life are portrayed through your logo and I feel that this is a very good quality to have in an identity system.


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