Cohen – Logo Project – Post 5

Project 2: Logo
March 1, 2011

Design strategy

The purpose of my logo is to show that I am a writer. As Darren pointed out in class, plenty of people have done a logo where a pen or pencil finishes writing a word. With that in mind, I wanted to narrow my design to just the tip. The “live trace” really made my logo unique, in my opinion, because it was able to capture the texture and varying shape of a wooden pencil. I included my initials on the wooden part of the pencil to personalize it. The slight tilt to the pencil is meant to give the illusion that it is in the process of writing, even though it isn’t near the text in any of my designs.

Style sheet

Logo: Optima, Bold, 14 pt
Text: My name – Optima, Bold, 14 pt/16.8 pt
Body text – Times, 12 pt/14.4 pt EXCEPT business card which is 11 pt/13.2 pt

Leading – None
Tracking – My name on the business card has a tracking value of 40


I chose the Optima typeface for my name on each of three pieces of the stationery set because of its formal look. The stroke weights vary from letter to letter, which I feel adds a sense of sophistication and importance to the type. I wanted my name in all capital letters because of how short it is. Michael Cohen written traditionally doesn’t take up a lot of space. But in capital letters it draws more attention, which is very important to this project. I also made my name bold on all three pieces in order give it more weight. When not bolded, the Optima font is very skinny. It needed a little boost of power to make my name stand out.

I chose Times for the body text of this project because it resembles the text of a newspaper. Since I want to be a sports writer, I thought this was an appropriate use of a standard font. It also compliments the Optima font. My name is where I showed a little creativity and personality, but the body text is all business. I’m also a fan of serif fonts. I think of myself as a professional person, and I like to be formal, so serif fonts reflect my personality in those ways.


The angle of the pencil in my logo works to demonstrate my hard-working personality. An upright pencil would be stationary, with nothing being accomplished. But my pencil, bearing my initials, is in motion. It is working, and it is getting the job done. The fact that I chose a pencil instead of a pen also reflects my personality. A pencil is the basic writing tool. Times is the basic computer font for a Word document. These two elements represent my traditional and simplistic views. I am not glamorous or extravagant. I just work hard to get the job done. Similarly, my fonts are not overly-glitzy or complicated. I like to keep things simple, and I am a humble person. Though my name is in caps, it is the only portion of my set that draws attention to itself.

In terms of color, blue has always been my favorite. Especially light blue. With that in mind, the light blue that I chose works really well with my logo. In hindsight, the color combination I chose is very similar to the powder blue and yellow used by the Denver Nuggets of the NBA. Neither color is too powerful, and they compliment each other very well. The blue becomes the background of my header on the stationery set as a change of pace from the other two pieces. It brings life to the top of my page. The light blue isn’t difficult to look at and serves more as a touch of color than a focal point that draws someone in.

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