Sadkowski – Post 6


I intern at the Westcott Theater and constantly come across dozens of posters for upcoming concerts.  Some are lame, I will admit, but others really do appeal to me.   I could potentially be slightly biased right now, since I love the band, but I really enjoy the Portugal. The Man poster.  This poster is for their upcoming concert in May at the Westcott Theater.

I like the design because it reflects the music Portugal. The Man plays: trippy, colorful, hippie music.  The band name is written in funky, serif, all-caps font at the very top – it’s the first thing you see when looking at the poster, which is good, because you immediately know what the poster is representing.  Below is a picture of the band with a crazy background.  The band members are all wearing dark outfits, and they contrast with the multi-colored craziness going on in the background.  I like this because you know what to expect.  I’ve been to one of their concerts before so I know a good portion of the listeners are druggies.  Druggies tend to enjoy crazy colors and weird band names.  This design really reflects both, so it definitely does its job at appealing to its demographic.  All the information for the event is listed below in different colored fonts to create a hierarchy of information.  The date and location stand out right away, and if it is something you think you can attend according to that information, you continue reading.  Your eyes are going in a vertical path.  The design overall is convenient: if you look at the poster for less than 3 seconds you see the band name, the image, and the event information.  Awareness is easily spread in this poster.



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  1. Posted by meganmill on March 20, 2011 at 8:12 PM

    I definitely agree with your comments about the hierarchy in this concert poster. I think the design works well and it appeals to the target audience but the poster’s simplicity is what stands out to me. When you spoke about what you see in three seconds I thought the same thing. You see the band name, their image, and the date. There is no more information than what you need. I think that is very important.


  2. Posted by Stephanie on March 21, 2011 at 10:00 AM

    I really like this poster a lot, I think the colors they used really pop. It definitely carries a hippie-ish music scene feel to it, which I’m assuming was the point of the poster. I think they successfully designed this poster to not only catch your eye, but to get their point across by creating a certain tone and feeling.


  3. Posted by gsyellin on March 21, 2011 at 4:16 PM

    I agree with your assessment of this poster. I am not familiar with Portugal. The Man’s music but from what you described about his musical genre you seem to be spot on in your analysis of the poster.


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