Cohen – Post 6

This poster was created to advertise a concert by the band Young Vick in Connecticut. I think this poster works mostly because of the principle of association. Anyone who is a fan of this particular musical group is going to be interested in the things that the band likes. This poster suggests that the band has a connection to Bud Light. So if the band thinks Bud Light is cool, and you like the band, then you might be more likely to try Bud Light. This concept is also played out in the design. Across from the two bottles, there are silhouettes of people, presumably enjoying the concert. In other words, if you drink Bud Light at a concert, you will have fun. The type faces used are also helping to promote both the band and Bud Light. The name of the band is the only serif font used. It suggests that the band is formal, professional and should be looked up to. Meanwhile, the other details and advertisement for Bud Light are all san serif type faces. They provide a contrast that is supposed to show the viewer that Bud Light and the concert are fun and entertaining. Lastly, since the poster includes the phrase “True Music” in association with Bud Light, it is suggesting that Bud Light knows music. This is good music because Bud Light said it was. As a result, I think this design is very successful in bringing people into the event and giving them all of the necessary details, while also promoting Bud Light and making it seem enticing to concert goers.



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