Cammett – Poster – Post 6

I watched this movie over break and the movie cover struck my eye. The Dark Knight has a number of movie covers, most which are a very basic picture of the Joker or Batman with a typical action background. I think this one is the best cover.

It really captures the action and scary theme of the movie with the color choice against the grey brick background. Then it creates a graphic that represents the Jokers face without just throwing a picture of the Joker on there. I especially like how they created the batman logo out of the jokers red lipstick, but also makes it look like smeared blood.

The one critique I have of this poster is that I think they could have chosen a better typeface. The plain sans serif typeface does not really capturing the eerie and action feel of the movie. However, they may just be going for the most legible typeface. Despite this one critique I think this is a great poster


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  1. Posted by ccjacquez on March 24, 2011 at 8:28 PM

    I agree that the use of color does portray a scary theme because of the greys and blacks. The use of the face without it being an actual face, more a symbol is a good way to catch the attention of an audience and hold it, which is the most important part. I agree that this is an awesome poster with a good graphic element, but I think the font could have been different in order to tie it all in.


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