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This new French connection campaign were all over the place while i was traveling in London. It drew my attention due to the text that it put on the poster. It is simple but made me wanna think deeper what the sentence means. Its asking” You are man?” the first sight seeing this poster, i would definitely think that this is a man. However, if it were that obvious, why would the brand ask this question. It made me came up with a second thought, maybe we are all too stereotype about how man should look like.  At this point, i think this campaign has successfully captured my attention and made me want to go to their website to find out what is it that they are promoting.


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  1. Posted by leigho14 on March 23, 2011 at 12:42 AM

    I agree with the reaction made to this poster. At first glance, my first thought is what is that doglike floating device the man is sitting on? Where is he? What is he looking at? Many questions pop into my head as I then read the line bolded on the poster stating “You Are Man?” This statement is questioning one’s masculinity and has one unaware of the exact meaning behind the poster. This poster was successful in grabbing my attention and making me want to find out more about what the company was advertising.


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