Dong-Poster-Post 6

I went to New York City over spring break with my friend and we went to movie theater to kill some time before we go for dinner. Because we never planned watching movies, we had to pick movie just by looking at the posters. And this poster caught my eyes and made me think that this movie will be an action thriller which is favorite genre. Regardless of the quality of this movie, this poster contains basic story line. Two main characters are running away from the  two dark shadows whose wearing hats and those shadows seem like they are in control of the entire city. Yes, that is all about this movie. Also matching the color of  title to the actress’s dress color, you can tell she is the most important character throughout this movie. In addition, capturing the motion that two characters are running made us think this movie is fast-paced.  The reason I think this movie poster is successful is that this poster actually made me pay 13 dollars to watch this boring movie. If there is anyone who is planning to watch this movie, please don’t.

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