Musacchio-Poster-Post 6

I saw this poster out and about in Syracuse and it immediately drew my attention because of its resemblance to the famous Obama image used during his campaign. Having the colors, effects and fonts be so similar to that iconic image is definitely a smart advertising ploy. Not only does it catch your initial attention, but also it makes you look twice. Beyond that, it also made me want to look up what August Wilson’s Radio Golf is all about and how it might be connected to Obama. I found that it is the final chapter in a series of plays about African American life. In that context, the image definitely makes since, as Obama’s presidency is one of the most recent historic moments for the African American community. Just as with the original image it’s modeled after, the red, (off) white and blue connotes an all-American feel. Also, the bold, sans serif font stands out nicely. However, it doesn’t overpower the image because of its placement. The use of a sans serif font gives the design a more modern feel, to go along with this being a more modern depiction of African American life as the final chapter of the play. The poster creates a ‘Z’ shape with the placement of the text and image. The first thing that caught my eye was the title text on top, then the image, and finally the dates and Syracuse Stage information. Overall, I think the poster design is successful, because it makes you really take a close look and want to know more.


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