Ortman-Poster-Post 6

I absolutely loved this movie when I saw it in theaters a few months ago so I watched it again online over break before I flew to Cancun. This is a movie that I for one feel somewhat connected too and most people around the world because almost everyone I know has a Facebook account. This poster caught my eye because of the dramatic effect it portrays. The face Mark Zuckerberg displays, played by Jesse Eisenberg, seems one of stun and amazement at what he’s accomplished and created. He became the youngest billionaire in history for a website that connected the entire world together. The tagline on the poster “You Don’t Get To 500 Million Friends Without Making A Few Enemies,” encompasses what the movie is all about. It makes it obvious that there is drama and conflict by emphasizing “A Few Enemies,” which foreshadows that Mark Zuckerberg’s character’s success is not without some problems along the way. This poster is very bold and simple to comprehend. It portrays the movie perfectly and made me very eager to watch it.

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