Yellin-Post 6

While I didn’t go far for my spring break vacation, I did see this poster outside of a movie theater. The Poster is to promote the new movie ‘Limitless’ featuring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. The premise of this movie is that Bradley Cooper’s character takes a drug that allows him to access all of his brainpower (as opposed to the normal amount) and becomes therefore ‘limitless’. I think that this poster is particularly effective in conveying that message. The first third of the poster illustrates his new found ability to get girls but the true premise of the movie is highlighted by the image in the middle. Between the names ‘Abbie Cornish’ and ‘Robert De Niro’ is Bradley Cooper’s head with a city behind him and lights blurring. It gives the impression that he can almost control the city with his mind, or at least be able to recognize everything that is going on in that fast paced environment.


One response to this post.

  1. I definitely agree with your description of the poster. I like that the three main picture blocks highlight different aspects of the film. Also, the effects used in the poster really make since with the plot of the movie and the title. It appears as though everything is in motion and the color scheme is very vibrant and looks exciting. I also like the prominence of the actors’ name, as Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro are particularly well known and will draw people to the film.


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